The Benefits of Using Facebook Groups

With Facebook Groups, you can form multiple smaller networks of people inside Facebook and what you share with one group stays in that group. You are probably connected with multiple sets of people on Facebook that have little in common.  Here are some of the many benefits of having Facebook groups:

  • Interact without logging into Facebook

When you create a group in Facebook, you have the option to assign a unique email address to that group. (Go to Edit Group – > Choose a Group Email Address).  This is so interesting because you now can interact with your Facebook friends using your email client itself without having to log into

  • Group Chat Many:Many

The regular chat in Facebook is 1:1 but with Groups, all the members of that group can talk to each other simultaneously. For the first time, you can get to chat with people on Facebook who are not your friends but are part of the same group.

Facebook Groups, Facebook, Marketing

Facebook Groups and marketing.

  • Wiki meets Facebook

Facebook Groups have a wiki-like feature called “Docs” that group members can use to create text documents with Facebook itself.   These document can be edited by any other group member and Facebook stores a log of every single edit that’s made to the document just like a regular wiki.

  • Send Bulk Email

Facebook groups allow you to send messages to the Facebook inboxes of all group members. So, if you have a specific event planned, and you want your community to know about it, or if there is something specific and important you’d like the community to know about, they will.

  •  Relationships

Groups allow members to engage in group chat.  Members can exchange information, strengthen and build relationships and be social!

  • Free P.R. (Public Relations)

Facebook groups are promoted in the sidebar of Facebook pages – a no cost promotional benefit for the group.  Keep this in mind when naming your group.  A descriptive name will help to define the group’s focus and attract future members.

  •  Viral Marketing

The share feature allows members to send content to friends and associates outside of the group.Discussion

  • Discussion

You can establish a forum for conversation about a specific topic by using Facebook groups, opening up a multi-way means of conversation that’s difficult to achieve through Facebook pages.

  • Crowdsourcing

Because a Facebook group provides a two-may means of communication, creating a group gives you the chance to gather information about specific products or services, receiving feedback, allowing individuals to ask questions about products and crowdsourcing ideas for new services.

  • Notification of Content Posted

You can post content on both Facebook groups and pages, but the way in which others find out that it’s been posted varies. Meanwhile, new content posted to your Facebook page will appear in the newsfeed of those that “like” the page. So, it’s important to consider what your goal is – simply marketing? A page sounds great. A discussion? You’re more likely to have that continue with the notification feature.

Regardless of how you chose to use Facebook Groups they can be a great opportunity to collaborate with a target group of people.  They can help you broadcast your message, purpose, products or services and share content. Facebook groups help you grow your community for the purpose of communicating, helping and influencing our target markets.

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  1. Alan Seidel Says:

    Great article on the benefits of using Facebook Groups. I really like reason #1 and that is using your email to interact. Also, using groups is a great way to stay current on any issues pertaining to the group you are part of like the latest trends or products etc. Very good information!!

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